Workshop addresses evolving changes in cybersecurity

VT Solutions director and CEO Sailesh Sharma (left) and Chillisoft CEO Alex Teh at the Eset event. Picture VT SOLUTIONS

VT Solutions in collaboration with their Cybersecurity partner Chillisoft New Zealand, hosted the Fiji tech industry for an exciting week of technical training, meetings and presentations centred around digital defence and the latest offerings from their cybersecurity partner, Eset.

The event brought together industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals to address the evolving challenges in cybersecurity, and explore innovative solutions to protect organizations from cyber threats.

Director and CEO of VT Solutions Shailesh Sharma said, “As the digital landscape continues to expand, cyber-attacks on Fijian corporate organisations, government and even individuals have become increasingly sophisticated and prevalent.”

He went on to elaborate on cyber risks increasingly becoming part of everyday life regardless of businesses size, industry or location.

“The internet penetration rate for the country has telcos bursting at their seams. Online apps and data are becoming more and more accessible, and so is access to the internet. Online trade and online interactive apps mean we live in a global village.

“The number of devices per users has also grown dramatically. This in turn, increases digital threat on multiple fronts,” Mr Sharma said.

The presentations were led by Chillisoft chief executive officer Alex Teh, who has a distinguished cybersecurity career spanning more than 25 years.

The event combined expert speaker sessions and presentations on the latest trends, emerging threats as well as best practices in the field of cybersecurity.

Attendees were privy to valuable insights into current cyber threats and the respective strategies to mitigate risks.

Interactive workshops provided attendees with hands-on training and practical guidance on implementing Eset’s threat management and threat defence mechanisms for their respective organisations.

An additional significant announcement was the launch of a security operations centre which will enable VT Solutions’ Fiji customers to benefit from 24/7 monitoring and response to cyber threats.

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