Resort Cruise ‘new era of fashion’

Models on the runway modelling collections during the 2023 Fiji Fashion Week Resort Cruise Show at the Vodafone Arena on Friday, June 02, 2023. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

The category was Resort Cruise, the theme was a new era of fashion.

The lights flickered to life, the speakers roared, and the models came strutting down the runway to open Fiji Fashion Week 2023, on Friday, June 2, with the Resort Cruise show.

Resort and cruise wear is a sect of fashion design specific to the tropical vacationer, or dweller, denoted by being packable, light-weight, breathable, and of course, stylish.

Its origins are in the Mediterranean cruise vacations enjoyed by wealthy Americans who flocked to the landlocked sea to escape the blistering cold of the North American winter.

Niurua Creative opened the show, followed by Tracey Ann Farrington, BEM Foutiale, Mably Fiji, Cherish Prasad, Tuwisi, Nicholas Huxley, Malia Clothing, Aleir, John Ekediwo of New Caledonia, Ta’ahine by Florence, and Duatani and 3D Printcess closed the first night of the main show.

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