Letters to the Editor | Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Eroni Sau on attack for Fijian Drua against Moana Pasifika during the Super Rugby clash at Churchill Park in Lautoka. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

Defending round for Drua

OUR Fijian Drua was given a lifeline when it narrowly won the game against Moana Pasifika. Now Drua fans are praying for the same magic to happen again this week. Looking at the points table, we have five teams whose performance this week will decide which team will sit on 7th and 8th places. On 7th is Reds (24), 8th is Highlanders (23), 9th is Force (22), 10th is Drua (21) and 11th is Rebels on 21 points too. On Friday, the Blues sitting on 3rd place, will play the Highlanders on 8th place. The Blues defeated the Hurricanes at home last week and should win again at home this week against the Highlanders. Also on Friday, the Rebels on 11th place, will play the Brumbies on 4th place. Brumbies lost to Chiefs on home ground last week and I believe they will not allow another loss at home against the Rebels. On Sunday, the Chiefs should win against the Force being on top of the ladder. If my predictions are correct and Drua manages to defeat the Reds this week, then they will sit on 7th place with 25 points and Reds on 8th place. The onus now is on the Fijian Drua to give it their all, minus all the nippy mistakes. Toso Drua Toso. SAVENACA VAKALIWALIWA Kattar Singh Rd, Tacirua

Bringing relief

THE stream now a raging torrent after the recent heavy rain muscling its way forward, down to the distant plains. It used to be just a babbling brook until the middle of May when all it took was steady and heavy rain each day. The heavy rain is a blessing indeed given the recent water restrictions. The reservoirs and dams will be filled again bringing relief to the current situation. EDWARD BLAKELOCK Admiral Circle, Pacific Harbour

Nuisance at night

NIGHTCLUBS in Lautoka City are becoming a source of nuisance — loud sound of music and drunken people on the streets shouting abusive language, fighting and also peeing everywhere which makes lot of places smell like washrooms. Police and the city council should regulate nightclub hours and monitor the volume of music and also the crowd coming out of clubs. Nightclubs drain hard earned money off people. SAPAN PANDYA Lautoka

Early closure

I AM truly thankful for the many views shared in curbing Martintar Nadi nightclub and kava bar, the trading hours are being seriously looked into and being brought to our august House, the Parliament of Fiji. First and foremost, my personal thanks must go to our hard-working Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Siromi Turaga for his attentiveness in hearing the many views shared on this subject. The many consistent drunkard iTaukei who grace our Martintar Nadi nightclubs and kava bars need immediate help. Too much money spent foolishly on alcohol and kava each night and morning. Their “cash” needs attention to be safely taken home for their families and not wasted. This mind-set of being uncaring to their very own families needs changing, in my view. I have personally persisted over many months seeking to improve drunken iTaukei habits by hoping to improve their lifestyles. Many, who frequent our bars and kava saloons, are so poorly dressed. I often wonder how and why they are allowed admittance. It is obvious “free entry” is allowed. Every dollar they have is touted for alcohol and yaqona. Their quality of life needs to improve. They need greater awareness to better living. Hard earned dollars cannot be squandered so easily. Many iTaukei drunkards cannot handle alcohol responsibly. This is a known fact. Please reduce nightclub and kava bar trading hours to 1am every day. Our streets need to be cleared and made safe and peaceful long before each sunrise. Those who long to walk for good health need to do so without fear, threat and made to feel at ease. Disturbance of the peace must end by 1am. Sleep deprivation by all those affected over an extended periods of time; who constantly suffer in silence, need to sleep undisturbed. Our infants, little children, primary and secondary students, those in university, the sick, the elderly and the dying, all need peaceful undisturbed sleep from 1am. On your behalf, I have tried hard to be your consistent voice — the voice of the silent majority in Martintar Nadi. Thank you for your prayers and kind words of appreciation. Please also thank our Attorney-General; Minister for Justice and all his hard-working staff. RONNIE CHANG Martintar, Nadi

Great leader

FOR the past number of days all radio stations, both major TV stations and the popular The Fiji Times made tremendous efforts to promote one of our forgotten true sons and an outstanding leader of Fiji. Due to publicity, I am convinced that most of us have learnt a lot about Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna. During my teaching days, as a head teacher of large primary schools, I had to struggle to get all the information about this great leader to pass on to my teachers and students. Today, due to modern technology, we are able to get all Ratu Sir Lala did for his country and people. One thing is beyond my understanding as to why the former prime minister of our beloved Fiji, being an iTaukei himself, removed the Ratu Sukuna holiday from our calendar. If he floated this idea of getting rid of Ratu Sukuna Day, why didn’t the others in his Cabinet — both Indo Fijians and iTaukei — object to this move. It may clearly prove here that others were just blind supporters and lacked the guts to open their mouths. After watching all these successful programs, I believe the whole previous lot must be embarrassed now. Any way, I sincerely congratulate the Coalition Government for their outstanding efforts to bring back the two major events — Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna Day and the Girmit Day. The whole Fiji appears to be behind this great move. VIJAY MAHARAJ TADEVO RD, NAVUA

Soccer woes

HOW many times have we reached the OFC Champions League final and lost? It is like going to war and being beaten by the same enemy again and again. Which means two things. Either the opponent is too strong, or our strategy and tactics are ineffective. Will we ever make it to the FIFA Club World Cup? Or will it remain only a dream? I feel sorry for our Junior Bula Boys who failed to win a single match in the Under-20 FIFA World Cup. Where to from here? SELWA NANDAN Lautoka

FRU administrator

I BELIEVE that the interim administrator of the FRU is the ideal person to turn the FRU’s fortunes around. In fact, I believe that FRU should pay his private outstanding rent which has been reported as $20,000 and has been outstanding for some time. What is more I believe the interim administrator is the ideal person to be put fully in charge of the finances of the FRU. People like him are ideal to bring about change in every aspect of Fijian life and its economy. This is the beginning of a new dawn as we all know. JAN NISSAR Sydney, NSW, Australia

Freebie culture

NISHANT Singh’s statement that the freebie culture was initiated by the previous regime (FT 29/5) is incorrect. It was initiated by the regime after the first military coup of 1987 when the iTaukei were told they now have their own government to serve them. And it was not only the iTaukei poor who sought handouts from State welfare in greater numbers after that but also the well-to-do elite from certain church and those who “borrowed” from the NBF causing it to go kaput. All these are on official records. The immediate previous regime perpetuated that culture and broadened it as a strategy to cling to power. Ironically, they had accused the Qarase government of doing that and had used that as part of its justification for the unlawful removal of the Qarase government in the 2006 Bainimarama military coup. Nishant is right, we need to steer clear of that counterproductive culture. RAJEND NAIDU Sydney, NSW, Australia

Getting connected

IN the government’s national budget allocation 2022-2023, $14.6 million was allocated to Walesi to connect the unconnected. However, I’m still unconnected to this day. What a waste of taxpayers’ money on an individual’s set up company by the past leadership in this modern era. To add more salt to the wound, $5.4 million was allocated to CWMH for the extension of the maternity ward. $1 million was allocated for outsourcing X-ray services, MRI and CT scans, while $2 million was only allocated for the refurbishment and land stabilisation of the Savusavu Hospital. However, under the Coalition Government $9.6 million from the Health Ministry and only $1.3 million from the Walesi capital grant was re-diverted from the national budget allocation (FT 15/4). I guess upgrading the basic necessity for the taxpayers is not so important than the services of the Walesi company to connect the unconnected. AREKI DAWAI Maharaj Place, Samabula, Suva

Liquor Act

NOW that the consultations are over, there would supposedly be amendments to the Liquor Act. I heard the nightclub hours are not a problem, but liquor itself. Maybe excessive consumption is the real culprit. But we have also heard that two glasses are enough for some. In that case, we are lucky that bottles don’t have hands and legs. For they would have been drunk 24/7. MOHAMMED IMRAZ JANIF Natabua, Lautoka

Flying Fijians

WITH this years Super Rugby Pacific drawing to a closure soon, one wonders how many of our Fijian Drua players will progress to the Flying Fijians squad. There are certainly several who are knocking on the door for selection and one cannot ignore our centre, Iosefo Masi. His skillful, creative and wanting to pounce on any opportunity. He’s a team player. Some tough choices lie ahead for our national coach as expectations at the Rugby World Cup won’t get any better. Meanwhile, it’s like a curse that we still find it difficult to secure a coach over four years leading up to a World Cup. By the way, let’s not forget our Silktails as they continue to strive for the best. FLOYD ROBINSON Micronesia

$78k loss

FBC reportedly sold that new Volkswagen and made a $78k loss. If someone had asked me for my five cents worth of opinion, I would have recommended that the vehicle be kept and be used for a year, maybe five years. The only loss then would have been depreciation, and after five years you would probably get back between $50k and $80k on resale. But we are not smart, and somehow the smart people will find a way to justify that $78k loss. DONALD SINGH Suva

Code of ethics

I BELIEVE Vanuatu has had a Leadership Code of Ethics and Conduct in place in its governance system since 1998. Does Fiji have one? If yes, that’s fine. If no, why not? RAJEND NAIDU Sydney, NSW, Australia

Park upgrade

IN our Natabua (Stage 2) area, there is a recreational park where people of all ages converge every day to enjoy sporting activities. For so many years, the area has not been maintained. The ground is not level, the grass is rarely cut and it is stony. I gather people have got hurt here because of the conditions. Despite the prevailing situations, it has not stopped people in our area from enjoying themselves. I think personnel from the Lautoka City Council should at least visit the area to make improvements. MOHAMMED IMRAZ JANIF Natabua, Lautoka

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