How to decorate the interior of your car

SOME people don’t want to change a thing about the interior of their car.

They love the soft, supple leather, the sparkling dashboard and the pop-up Global Positioning System (GPS).

Other people, however, are desperate to decorate the interior of their car. This could be because they don’t have any leather or gleaming dials. Or it could be that they really want to make their car reflect who they are.

Either way, below are some ideas for decorating the interior of a car.

Here are some ideas on how to decorate your car by website

Step one
Start with the steering wheel. There are many wheel covers you can purchase to make your car unique. You can choose something in classic black, or something with a character on it, such as Bugs Bunny. Just make sure it reflects your own personal style!

Step two
Decorate the seats. Cover your seats with covers. You can purchase them in several designs. Alternately, you could choose to cover your seats with a simple blanket. You can also purchase special covers for the seats that will massage your back while you drive, easing your stress.

Step three
Decorate your dashboard. Place a few Beanie Babies up there to ride along with you, or use double-sided tape to attach your favorite bobble head doll. Do the same for your back window, if you have a ledge for it.

Step four
Decorate your rear-view mirror. Most people have something dangling from the rear-view mirror, whether it’s a simple air freshener or several elaborate strings of beads. Choose something meaningful to you, but make sure it isn’t heavy or it will bang around every time you turn a corner!

Don’t forget the floors! Mats are a must when decorating the interior of a car.
You can use simple rubber mats or purchase ones in a design of your choice. You can also use bathmats in a pinch, or welcome mats that are made to go outside your front door.

Items you will need;

  • Steering wheel covers;
  • Seat covers; and
  • Other decorative accessories.

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