Heart of the matter

Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Agni Deo Singh (fifth from left) with conference participants at Tanoa Waterfront Hotel in Lautoka. Picture: SITERI SAUVAKACOLO

It is impossible to properly tackle climate crisis without recognising the need for climate justice at the very heart of everything we do, says Employment Minister Agni Deo Singh.

He expressed the sentiment while officiating at the official opening of the Educators for Climate Justice and Just Transition Conference in Lautoka last week.

Mr Singh said the climate crisis was affecting various sectors of the economy, including the education sector. He said educators’ work and lives were being impacted by climate change in countries across the world.

“To ensure the right to quality education for all students and the right to decent work for all educators in the context of climate emergency, the education system needs to be urgently transformed,” he said.

“The role of quality education is crucial to ensure students are climate literate and have the knowledge and skills to take part in the green economy and demand a just transition.

“We must also look at the role of educators in mobilising alongside other workers, students and civil society for a just transition, decent work for all and climate justice more broadly.”

Mr Singh said Government was committed to forging lasting partnerships with key stakeholders to ensure climate justice and just transition was achieved.

The three-day conference in Lautoka was attended by delegates from the region including union representatives from Australia and New Zealand.

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