Get young people interested in farming

The Navua Lady Farmers Cluster president Fane Raravula tries the rotorvator, an easy farming implement. Picture: ANA MADIGIBULI

The Navua Lady Farmers Cluster hopes to inspire young individuals to take up farming.

The cluster of 32 women has engineered a positive way towards sustainable farming and they are eager to share their ideas and knowledge with young farmers who are interested to venture into something similar.

The women’s cluster is about enjoying each other’s company while sharing inclusive farming initiatives that contributes to agricultural development in their communities.

In order to get young people interested in such a move, the Navua Lady Farmers Cluster hopes to make their program’s fun.

Cluster president, Fane Raravula said in order for the cluster to get younger people interested, they would need to make it enjoyable first.

Reviving such interests in young people would mean profusion of sustainable, healthy and inclusive food system in Fiji. In order to fuel that interest, farming needs to be fun.

“It is about making our days fun,” says Ms Raravula.

“When we have our general meeting with our younger audience, we try to get them to take part in doing organic manure, the mixing and all that — we like to see them learn it.

“I think the younger generation are part of a tech-era and they are phone savvy. They miss out on the experience of going out there and getting some Vitamin D from the sun.

“For us it’s really important that we start to look at ways to integrate them into our programs and make it fun.

“If you don’t make it interesting they are not going to be bothered — something has to tickle their fancy.”

She said lessons on cutting back food waste is a way to get young people interested.

“There is a risk of food shortage in the future, like the food shortage during COVID-19 and the Ukraine-Russia war. These had a big impact on our lives.

“So it’s important to be self-sufficient and that can be achieved through farming.

“If they (young people) want to get involved with our program they are more than welcome to do so.

“We encourage them to. It’s important to get young people on board with us.”

According to the World Bank, agricultural development is one of the most powerful tools to end extreme poverty, boost shared prosperity and is crucial to economic growth.

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