From the Editor-in-Chief’s desk: Your June 6 briefing


Everyone is entitled to the due processes of justice without bias. Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre (FWCC) co-ordinator Shamima Ali said this of 2000 coup-maker George Speight’s application for presidential pardon. She said this in the wake of a statement issued by Acting Home Affairs Minister Filimoni Vosarogo where he said Republic of Fiji Military Forces Commander (RFMF) Major General Ro Jone Kalouniwai had raised concerns about Speight and other applications. Ms Ali said if the RFMF had concerns, then their assessment should be submitted to the Mercy Commission for consideration and judgement.

This is the big news on the front page of The Fiji Times for Saturday, June 3.

The second story on the front page is about people who sought political asylum in Fiji from war-torn countries. The full report is on Beyond the Scope, our investigative section on Page 12.


Here are some headlines inside:

Page 4

  • HEALTH Ministry permanent secretary Dr James Fong is positive the welfare of nurses will be considered in the 2023-2024 National Budget.
  • TOURISM operators have expressed delight at the reassurance by Deputy Prime Minister and Tourism Minister Viliame Gavoka that there will be no drastic changes in the upcoming budget to disrupt tourism recovery.

Page 5

  • NON profit organisations that have been deregistered will get a chance to apply for re-registration.
  • VENDORS are hoping the Government will remove “rich” businessmen who operate stalls at the Lautoka Municipal Market in the 2023-2024 National Budget.

Page 6

  • THE FijiFirst party is likely to face deregistration if it fails to comply with the Political Parties (Registration, Conduct, Funding and Disclosures) Act by July 15, says acting registrar of political parties Ana Mataiciwa.

Page 7

  • THE vanua of Rewa yesterday witnessed the installation of the Vunivalu of Rewa Ro Naulu Mataitini.
  • SUPREME Court judge Justice Madan Lokur says the rape of children by close relatives in Fiji is reaching epidemic proportions. He said this in a judgment where he upheld a 13-year jail term with a non-parole period of 11 years for a perpetrator who raped a child.

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