2023-2024 National Budget | Call for Government to work with experts

Lautoka businessman Richard Lucas. Picture: FIJI GOVERNMENT

Lautoka businessman Richard Lucas is calling on Government to work with commercial people who are experts in their respective fields.

He claimed the previous government ignored his offer to restructure the communications industry which he believed was run by people who did not know what they were doing.

“In 2008 the then minister for communications completely gutted the ministry and all the institutions under it were lost,” he said.

“And now the Minister for Communications basically has nobody who knows what they are doing.

“I have spoken to the current minister urging him to use the expertise that exists in the commercial community and at the moment there isn’t a high degree of trust between Government and the commercial people. “I would strongly recommend a much bigger relationship between the industry and Government.”

Mr Lucas was speaking at a budget consultation with Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Professor Biman Prasad in Lautoka this week.

Prof Prasad said he agreed with Mr Lucas and added the Government was of the view they had to work with every stakeholder for the development of the country.

“Government does not always have the knowledge that they ought to have and a lot of that resides in the community and in the business sectors,” he said.

“This is about shared leadership.”

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