Board lists priorities

Public Rental Board chairperson Isikeli Navuda. Picture PRB

THE Public Rental Board (PRB) is driving up initiatives to tackle its lengthening waiting list of low-income individuals hoping for the board’s assistance in securing housing.

PRB board chair Isikeli Navuda said that while the waiting list was a priority concern for the board, the real numbers may be found to be lower upon assessing the list and accounting for those who no longer fit the board’s eligibility requirements.

“This has happened through the accumulation of this number over years. Our intention is to try and arrest that trend and get as many homes as we can as soon as possible,” Mr Navuda said.

“We have in mind a number of projects that will help us achieve some of our target numbers in both facilitating the availability of rental flats and, in some cases, home ownership for those already living in the rental properties.

“We value the process of home ownership and the transition from renting to home ownership is something we really want to see happen. That is one of the main targets for us.”

The board is currently assessing locations including Narere, Kalabo and Newtown for possible home ownership projects, in addition to new rental developments.

“There are new developments in the pipeline, we have identified some pieces of land. Once we firm up the acquisition of land process, we’ll start doing our proposals for what kind of units will suit those land areas.”

Mr Navuda said the board was appreciative of the government’s continued support and was hopeful for assistance on upcoming projects through the national budget.

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